New York improv team: Ten Bones

Ten Bones

Ten Bones Theatre Company is the team behind the hit Improv Show "Entirely From Memory" seen at the Magnet Theatre, People's Improv Theatre, Videology Bar, and TADA! Theater. Stories that the Ten Bones team have recreated "entirely from memory" include: A Christmas Carol, Psycho, Wizard of Oz, James Bond, Dracula, Batman, and Romeo & Juliet. Ten Bones creates theatre that is a conversation, an active engagement of audience, performers, producers and community, effectively creating shows that performers want to perform, producers want to produce, and audiences want to audience. Ten Bones Theatre Company is a Brooklyn-based group of theatre artists seeking to develop an eclectic body of work wherein the conversation between theater and audience is paramount. By producing a range of work from children’s theater to late-night improv, movement theater to Shakespeare, Ten Bones Theatre Company is dedicated to creating great theatrical experiences based on three principles: 1.) [b]The presence of the audience is to be embraced[/b]. We are not simply playing to their eyes and their ears. They brought more than that to the show. It should be acknowledged. 2.) [b]Hand-forged Theatre[/b]. Our work is the product of standing by our instincts and recovering from our mistakes, but most importantly it is something that is unmistakably our own. Work created with investment and pride, and then given away generously 3.) [b]A sense of play[/b]. Play must always be present. It may lead to deep connections and rich experiences, but we must always start and end with playing.